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Tragedy and Politics
Greek and contemporary drama in world political crisis May 2019 

The Human Plot
Nature and function of drama from the Greeks to the present political crisis 2018

New Drama Notes No 1: Being in a State. 
Written for students of The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, June 2015.

Note on The Pope's Wedding
A Note on The Pope's Wedding, answers to a Chinese student's questions - 10 October 2014

The Mind Field
A paper for the National Association of the Teachers of Drama - 14 May 2014

Naive Sophistication
1st February 2014.

The Institute of Drama
2 March 2014.

State of Drama
Article on the current state of drama, first published in La Regle du Jeu, 2010.

Four Little Essays on Drama
Four short essays on drama by Edward Bond, updated September 2011.