“Edward’s drama exercise with the chair and table was a profound experience. I felt I was confronting my self that had been altered by external ideology. Sitting in the gap I felt that if I could  bring these two objects together I could create a better and more just world. Drama should open this gap for all of us in  extreme situations like this.” - W.R., Drama student, Newman University, Birmingham.

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“Fascism and Brexit” A catastrophe, five pages, and a letter. (See Comment)

Dea Letter rev
Letter to Indian Student on “Dea” 30 3 19 (Modern drama, Euripdes, cultural contour map) - 8 pages See Letters

Have I None - “A Suicide Note” (with Update 26.6.19)
May 2019 Programme note for Etcetera Theatre production. (Brexit and fascism, corruption of Tory politics, present creation of future catastrophe – 1 page. See Comment.

Tragedy and Politics
May 2019  Continues analysis of The Human Plot, contradictions of Greek drama, contemporary radical changes in “humanness” and the dehumanisation of politics, the “triple brain”, Medea and “Dea,” Euripides, Da Vinci, Picasso,  a new tragic drama – 8 pages.
See Drama Theory.

The Human Plot
2018 The historical function, strategy and methods of drama from the Greeks, through major historical epochs, up to the present crisis of drama and politics – 25 pages. See Drama Theory.