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24.6.19 DEA letter rev
Letter to Indian Student on “Dea” 30 3 19 (Modern drama, Euripdes, cultural contour map) ( 8 pages)

01.08.14 - "Teatro di Roma"
Letter regarding Edward Bond's "Lear" to be staged in Italy at the Teatro di Roma in October 2015.

19.01.14 - "Lear" and Morality
Letter to a student on the play Lear.

23.11.13 - Letter to Student on their playwriting

24.11.13 - Letter to a Teacher 

21.11.13 - Letter to a Director
Letter to Alain Francon, writer and director.

05.11.13 - Letter to a Playwright

23.04.13 - The Need for a New Drama -- Letter to a Student
Reply to a student who wrote to ask "Does the variety which dominates the modern drama also dominate the works of Edward Bond or does he belong to a particular school such as realism or symbolism?" 

03.04.13 - A Letter on Violence and Drama
Reply to a student on the question of violence and drama.

12.02.13 - "Directing Saved" and "Scopey in The Pope's Wedding"
Two Letters to Young Students: "Directing Saved" (written 05.01.13) and "Scopey in The Pope's Wedding" (written 16.11.12)

16.11.12 - On the state of British theatre
Letter to Bond's agent Tom Erhardt on the current problems facing British theatre.

20.11.11 - On Wedekind's Spring Awakening
Letter dated 20.11.11 to be printed in The Student Edition of Spring Awakening with Introduction and Notes by Dr C. Rylands. (It also contains Introductions by Elisabeth and Edward Bond and the playtext in Edward Bond's translation.) Published February 2012 Methuen ISBN 9781 4081 40895 £9.99. .

05.03.11 - On In the Company of Men
Letter to Luca Ronconi of Piccolo Teatro, Milan, on his production of Bond's In the Company of Men.